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    Pork & Chicken BundlePork & Chicken Bundle
    Pork & Chicken Bundle
    $454.00 or $166.00 / month for 3 months
    Pork & Chicken Cattle Bros Bundle: Gourmet Pork and Organic Chicken 
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    Sriracha Bacon Jerky Flash SaleSriracha Bacon Jerky (Packs)
    Sriracha Bacon Jerky (Packs)
    Introducing our mouth-watering Spicy Sriracha Bacon Jerky! Made from premium quality bacon, marinated in a blend of fiery sriracha sauce and spices, this jerky packs a punch of flavor that’s hard to resist. With a perfectly crispy texture and a bold, smoky taste, it’s the ultimate snack for bacon lovers…
  • Cattle Bros Western BBQ Bacon JerkyWestern BBQ Uncured Bacon Jerky
    Western BBQ Uncured Bacon Jerky
    Western BBQ Uncured Bacon Jerky This smoky sweet taste is a real summer treat ( that can be enjoyed anytime of the year), with a taste right off the grill and a flavor of tangy barbecue sauce and sweet brown sugar. We glaze this real bacon with sweet marinade coating…