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Our premium quality packages are backed with the highest satisfaction guaranteed! Straight from the source with minimal processing. From delicious seafood appetizers to tasty main course ribeyes. Join our newsletter to receive our ongoing meat specials, 25% OFF your first order.

Brown roasted chicken and vegetables

Our tradition has been to seek out nothing but the best. Center of the plate, restaurant trimmed choice primal cuts of beef that we now proudly serve to you, your family, and friends in amazing variety packages. Buy bulk meats and stock up for 4-6 months a bundle.

Fresh caught seafood with revolutionary blast freezing technology to ensure optimal freshness. Wild caught & sustainable sources of shellfish and fish fillets without the ice glazing water weight.

The gourmet pork package is top notch. Talk about pork lovers galore. All meatiness and juiciness slammed with all the best flavors: Salty, smoky, sweet and spicy.

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Cattle Bros Premium Steak Package

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Cutting Into Juicy Meat

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Our chicken contains no preservatives, is portion controlled, and hand trimmed. Flavorful from start to finish. Lean as can be. Ready for a tasty chicken dinner? Look no further.

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Learn how we operate, freeze meat & offer contactless delivery.

Whether your stocking up for the winter, catering a family get-together or celebrating the holidays, Cattle Bros is the premiere choice.

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Try out our bulk meat delivery services today. Our packaged deals are authentic and time-tested. No preservatives, portion controlled, and hand trimmed. The result? quality meat & seafood that bursts with flavor.

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